Before & After Shots: Tracking Student Learning & Progress

Being asked to provide evidence of student growth and learning is a large part of teaching. Traditionally teachers marked and kept a grade book, wrote reports at the end of terms that would be shared with students and parents. However, this system is abstract and often both students and parents get fixated on the number or the letter without really thinking about how the student has developed. There is a push in some circles to get rid of grades. Fine, but in that case what is the alternative? Whilst reading the latest feed on the Art Teachers facebook group I came across a post that is such a clear indication of student progress that I can't wait to try it out. Before and After Shots. We al

First Post on my new site: Inside an Art Teachers Conference

​ Earlier in September I went to Chiang Mai in Thailand to attend the Asia Region Art Educators Workshop. This wonderful conference is held annually in different schools in Asia. The best about this is that it is organised by art teachers for art teachers. The workshops are hands-on, practical and extremely relevant. It really is the best professional development for Art teachers. Oh, and of course, it's heaps of fun too. This year the host school was Prem International school which is set in a beautiful campus. We stayed in rooms on campus, were well fed and extremely well looked after. Along the lines of previous conferences the first day (Friday), we were all taken out to visit local arti

Cross-Curricular inspiration from da Vinci

This was sent to me via a friend on Pinterest and it resonated strongly with me. I am a firm believer in cross-curricular units and arts integration. In fact, one of the first and most successful cross-curricular units I've done was a Renaissance art unit with grade 8. When I took the grade 8s through the Renaissance as a Social Studies and Art teacher we looked at how Art and Science crossed over and how artists and scientists relied on each other. Artists studied anatomy to be able to understand the body and draw more accurately. Anatomists relied on artists to draw what they observed. Leonardo da Vinci - did everything. I found that students really found these connections interesting. At

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