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The making of the back drop 

The backddrop is a huge canvas that was hung at the back of the stage for the Middle School Production each year. The image was designed by students and reflected the theme of the production each year. It was a year long project, that culminated in the art team working on the canvas for 2 days straight. An excellent project which I always enjoyed. 

Bottle Cap Mural

This project was done through an art club I ran. I collected caps over several months before starting. The finished piece reflects the Hong Kong skyline and the school motto of American International School, HK. 
It was timeconsuming, but very enjoyable. We were thrilled with the result.

Tile Painting Project

This was a whole school initiative to paint tiles to decorate a seating area in the school. All the students of Elementary and Middle school designed a tile around the theme of Flowers. The tiles were then painted by the middle school and High school art students. to give a sense of unity we used two colour schemes. 
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