3D Works

Public Sculpture with High School Art 1 students.

We looked at various types and examples of public sculpture, examining the role that art plays in public places. Students then had time to explore different media of their choice before finally designing a producing a maquette for a piece of sculpture to go in a location in Hong Kong. Students took photos of their location and using photo editing tools, inserted their sculpture into their chosen location.

African Masks

Students used card and papier mache to create masks using formal balance and exagerated features.

Animal pots in Mexican Talavera style

Grade 7. Students used air-dry clay and acrylic paint to create animal pots. Students were restricted to the Talavera colours. 


Students were each given an umbrella. They could do what they liked with it.

This was extremely fun and successful. It allowed students to really show their different and individual voices. The resulting pieces were a centre piece at our whole school art exhibition.

Totem Poles

Students worked in groups to create totem poles that would reflect common interests of their group. They used card, papier mache and acrylic paint.

Venetian Masks

Expressive Figurative sculpture 

Inspired by some of the work of Ju Ming students used twisted newspaper and paint to create small figurative sculptures.



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