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2D Projects

I'm in the process of updating this page with more galleries of successful projects. Please forgive the appearance of this page while I upload and edit.

Faceless Self-Portraits - Grade 8

Students had to create images of themselves without showing their faces.

East Asian Style paintings - Grade 7

Students had a choice of paints to produce a painting that had a connection to East Asia.

Australian Aboriginal Paintings 

Grade 7 students chose an animal that represented themselves then painted it in Australian Aboriginal style.

Cubist Self-Portraits

Ancient Egyptian Shadow Puppets

Grade 6 students looked at Indonesian shadow puppets then created their own puppet of a chosen ancient Egyptian god or goddess which they had recently studied.

Linear Perspective drawings - Grade 8

Sketchbook Front Covers

This is a project I do at the start of the year. Student put their full names, class and images to describe themselves, their hobbies etc. It's a great way to get to know my students and is a useful diagnostic activity.

Kota Figures
Students used formal balance to create figures in the style of Kota reliquary figures.
Islamic Tiles
Students studied different types of Islamic tiles then created their own.
Fruit prints
Students designed a print based on the inside of fruit and used complementary colours to make the designs stand out.
Pop Art
Having looked at both American and Asian Pop art, students create their own Pop Art. As Asian Pop art can have some political and social commentary, some students expressed their own views on the world they live in.
Surrealist Painting
Having looked at the Surrealist art movement students created their own surreal paintings.
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